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Install Guide


Homebrew version

Terminal window
brew install kubecolor


Scoop Version

Terminal window
scoop install kubecolor


nixpkgs unstable package

Terminal window
nix-shell -p kubecolor

AUR (Arch User Repositories)

AUR package

Terminal window
yay -Syu kubecolor

Termux (Android)

Termux version

Terminal window
pkg install kubecolor

Download binary via GitHub release

Go to Release page then download the binary which fits your environment.

Compile from source

Requires Go 1.22 (or later)

Terminal window
go install


Running it via Docker can be nice for just trying out kubecolor:

Terminal window
docker run --rm -it -v $HOME/.kube:/home/nonroot/.kube:ro get pods


kubecolor understands every subcommands and options which are available for kubectl. What you have to do is just using kubecolor instead of kubectl like:

Terminal window
kubecolor --context=your_context get pods -o json

If you want to make the colorized kubectl default on your shell, just add this line into your shell configuration file:

Terminal window
alias kubectl="kubecolor"